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Sweets That Are Good For You?

Since 1995, award winning dentist, Dr. John Bruinsma, and his dental hygienist wife Debra, have delighted the palates of candy lovers the world over. Together, they've perfected an extensive line of naturally delicious, tooth-friendly sweets that you and your dentist can smile about. The secret to the Bruinsma's success is a passion for delightful candy and the power of a natural sweetener named Xylitol.

Dr. John's Xylitol candies are revolutionizing the candy and dental health industries. Not only are they naturally sweetened and delicious, they're safe for diabetics (on the advice of a physician), children, and can actually help to improve your overall health. Here's what makes Xylitol so unique:

What is Xylitol?

It's Natural: Dr. John's uses Xylitol that is sourced from birch trees. It is a natural alternative to sugar. It offers numerous medical and nutritional benefits, and is especially beneficial for your teeth and waistline. Your body naturally produces 15-20 grams of Xylitol every day.

It's Good for You: There are more than 25 years of clinical studies which demonstrate the long-lasting dental benefits of Xylitol. While foods that are high in sugars and starches may promote tooth decay, Xylitol may actually help to reduce your risk. Plus, Xylitol has been linked to clearing nasal passages, wound healing, upper respiratory health and calcium absorption.

It's Safe* & Convenient: Because Xylitol is natural, our snacks are safe for everyone! Plus, supplementing your daily intake has never been easier or more delicious. Simply enjoy a mint or piece of candy while you're on the go.

It Tastes Great: Dr. John's Xylitol candies offer the best of both worlds - numerous health benefits and the same great start to finish flavor of gourmet sugar candies! You can learn more about the amazing natural sweetener xylitol on our FAQ page and the Health Benefits page.

*Xylitol is not safe for pets.