About Us



The idea to create Dr. John's Healthy Sweets began with a desire to bring a better tasting sugar free candy to the market. Not only did we focus on making a sweet treat that's good for your teeth, but we also fortified it to make it even more guilt-free. Read on to discover why you'll love the taste and the benefits of all of our candies!

The Sweet Taste of Success

In 1995, we set out to create the healthiest candies in the world. Fortunately for health-conscious candy lovers everywhere, we succeeded. But, you’d never know if we hadn’t told you. They taste that good!

We enjoy all kinds of sweets that are actually healthy!


5 year Dr. John's customer

The Art and Science of Candy

We were the first to craft a delicious sugar-free lollipop. Then, we took our love for culinary science and confectionery art even further by creating candy that is made with all-natural ingredients, fortified with important nutrients, and is tooth-friendly. In fact, we’re the #1 candy recommended by dentists.

We use Xylitol and Erythritol in our candies, which are the perfect alternative to sugar. They are natural, sugarless sweeteners that are plant-based, low calorie, and will not promote tooth decay. While snacks high in sugars and starches promote tooth decay, Dr. John's products are expressly used for fighting it! What's not to love about that?

Feel good. Do good.

Rest assured, you can feel good, and guilt-free, about enjoying and sharing our delectably wholesome sweets with everyone you love. Even better, a portion of every purchase you make supports charities that promote children’s health. Sweet!