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About us

Dr. John's® Candies was founded by Dr. John Bruinsma, a dentist, and his wife Debra, a dental hygienist.

In 1995, Dr. John leaving his dental office for the day and grabbed a sugar free lollipop to enjoy on the ride home. That lollipop didn't even make it to the door before being thrown out. He thought, "We give these to our patients?" There had to be a better alternative to the product he was tasting.

Sadly, he couldn't find a better sugar free alternative treat and went on a mission to develop the best tasting, sugar free candy. Dr. John's® Candies was born!

Dr. John's® started out with great tasting sugar free lollipops, solely for the dental industry, but has grown and innovated for 20+ years to become the most innovative and healthiest candy manufacturer in the world!

After selling sugar free lollipops for 15 years, Dr. John and Debra thought there had to be something else we could do to compliment our Sweet Originals® brand. He had this great idea of adding Xylitol into the candy to eliminate the artificial sweeteners but was told it couldn't be done.

Not one to be told something is impossible, Dr. John did research and development on incorporating xylitol into a hard candy form and succeeded after two years. This was the first xylitol lollipop on the market! And so, the Inspired Sweets®  line of candy came to be.

You're probably thinking, xyli-what? To make it simple, xylitol is a natural sweetener that is derived from either the bark of a birch tree or from corn. Not all xylitol is created equal so Dr. John's only uses 100% USA birch bark xylitol.

Besides being a natural sweetener, dental research shows xylitol also helps prevent cavities if incorporated in your daily routine. Candy that prevents cavities? You got it!

What makes xylitol special is the bacteria that cause dental decay eat xylitol like it's sugar, but cannot digest it. Because of this, the bacteria colonies begin to decrease in number in the mouth, lessening the chance of forming a new cavity. Cool right?!

So, when eating Dr. John's candies, you can enjoy a sweet treat without worrying about artificial ingredients or getting cavities!

Fast forward to today and Dr. John and Debra have done it again! Introducing our new THRIVE®  line of nutritional candy. This takes our line of sweets even further and has even more health benefits, without sacrificing taste.

THRIVE® was created after the  MaxLove Project, a children's cancer non-profit, challenged us to make an all natural lollipop. The base of THRIVE® is fiber, plus you are getting the cavity fighting combination of xylitol and erythritol. On a side note, erythritol is also a sugar free sweetener that comes from plants, has 0 calories and is just as effective preventing cavities as xylitol is!

To sum it up, in one sugar free lollipop you are getting 20% of your recommended amount of daily fiber, 3.3 gram combination of the xylitol and erythritol, as well as being made from NATURAL ingredients. Oh, and did mention that THRIVE® + Probitotics is available as well?! To top everything off, for each sale of THRIVE® or THRIVE® + Probiotics, Dr. John's®  is donating part of the proceeds to children's cancer non-profits. We try to make it easy for you to feel great about buying our candy!

There's just so much to love about all of our products that we know once you give us a try, you will never miss all the sugar again!