The First Dento-Protective Candy in the World

"Protect Your Sweet-Tooth"

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What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay, also known as dental cavities or dental caries, involves the formation of cavities (holes) when tooth structure dissolves. This occurs when certain bacteria in your mouth, given sugar and carbohydrates, produce acids that attack your tooth enamel. If these acids remain in your mouth, they can contribute to tooth decay and other dental problems.

Our Idea:

The idea for DREAM (lollipops and candies) emerged from an understanding that neutralizing acid in our mouths is a strong defense against dental disease, particularly for patients at high risk of cavities. Moreover, tooth repair can happen given the right oral environment.

Our Solution:

Until now, we could only DREAM about enjoying our way to oral health! With our patent-pending DREAM formula, we have developed a product that tastes delicious and, when enjoyed, provides bio-available building blocks. It creates a neutral/alkaline oral environment necessary for tooth protection and repair. As an added benefit, it also helps reduce the bacteria in the mouth. DREAM is a perfectly tasty way to make every smile healthy and happy.