Healthy Sweets

The Healthiest Candies in the World™

After years of research and development, we found a way to keep the same great taste you know and love and make them even healthier—with important nutrients such as vitamins and fiber.

Same Awesome Taste

(Why mess with perfection?)

Now Fortified with Fiber*

(You wouldn’t know if we didn’t tell you.)

New Tongue-Tastic Shapes

50% Daily Value Vitamin D*

(per serving)

Bursting Fruit Flavors + Vitamin C*

Even More Tooth-Friendly!

(Xylitol + Erythritol)

Try Them All!

We’ve added trial sizes for our most popular varieties to make it easier for you to explore more flavors! And our 1lb & 2.5lb lollipop sizes will have 20% more pieces.

* Fiber and Vitamin C fortifications apply to hard candy and lollipop varieties. Vitamin D fortification applies to caramel varieties. Frequent between meal snacking of foods high in sugars and starches promotes tooth decay. The sugar alcohols in Dr. John’s® products are expressly used for not promoting tooth decay.