Many people all across the country spend a large portion of the year trying to avoid foods that aren’t the best for them. Those who try to stick to a healthy lifestyle rarely allow themselves the chance to eat foods that are considered unhealthy, but keeping up with this level of discipline is extremely tough. That’s why we celebrate National Eat What You Want Day today—to give ourselves some relief when it comes to eating.

The Fad Diet
So much of our life is consumed by consuming too much, too little, or not the right amount. Diets have stretched as far back as the Middle Ages when just egg yolks, bread, and wine were the key to a long and healthy life. Some might say that still rings true.

As years progressed, diets became all about looking good, but not necessarily feeling good. Dr. Louise Foxcroft, who wrote Calories and Corsets: A History of Dieting, stated that, “The real tipping point for dieting came with the arrival of newspapers and magazines. It was the mass media that created the diet culture we see today.” The pressure is on nowadays to keep up with who and what you see online. Keto diets, paleo diets, the Atkins diet…the list goes on. All of these might grant a few weeks of success, but sometimes our bodies beg us for more.

Eat What You Want Day is a day to encourage each of us to listen to our body when we otherwise might spend too much time overthinking and overanalyzing what we feed it. Today should be a celebration where we thank our bodies for providing us strength to get through tough days. Eat something fun! You deserve it.

Activities to Try
There are plenty of ways to celebrate today that take a break from your normal routine. By disrupting your standard eating patterns, you can free up your schedule and add some much needed spontaneity to your day. Here we have compiled a list of ways to add some fun into your new favorite holiday:

  1. Try a new restaurant. Ditch what you normally pack for lunch at work and head out to that Indian place you’ve always wanted to try. Or make tonight a date night and satiate yourself with a fancy meal or stop to pick up some gourmet donuts. Whatever it is, we say treat yourself!
  2. Ask the kids what they want to eat. When given the opportunity, kids will come up with some of the craziest meals if they were to be granted whatever they want to eat. Let them decide what you’ll be devouring. Have them come up with their own menu and get them involved in the kitchen. They’ll think it’s fun and maybe, just maybe, they’ll want to keep helping out.
  3. Have breakfast for dinner...Or dessert for lunch. Today, the possibilities are endless and switching up meals is a great way to mix it up and have something different to start or end your day with.
  4. Bake a tasty treat. Dust off that Betty Crocker cookbook in the back of your cabinet and find the yummiest, most delicious recipe you can find. Not only will your tummy be happy, but your nose will be too once it smells a whiff of that banana bread you’re baking.
  5. Enjoy a feast of Dr. John’s sweets. This might be cheating because Dr. John’s sweets aren’t bad for you, but satisfying your sweet tooth can be easy with our delicious and delectable treats that don’t promote tooth decay. In fact…

Eat What You Want ANY Day
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