After a tough year for Americans, this summer begins our recovery period and Dr. John’s Healthy Sweets knows it’s time to get back to eating the things that make us happy! Let’s unwrap some fun while in the sun and celebrate National Candy Month.

A Sweet History
The first ever National Candy Month took place in January of 1974. Ringing in the new year usually meant new resolutions with diet restrictions and candy companies across the country felt the drop of sales after a busy holiday season. In order to encourage more sales during this period, the National Confectioners Association (NCA) founded National Candy Month to celebrate our favorite sweet treats. Later being pushed to the month of June, National Candy Month gives us an excuse to indulge, but it’s important to find a lifestyle balance while supporting the companies that make our confectionary dreams come true. 

The National Confectioners Association helps to create an environment that allows candy makers and retailers to thrive via advocacy and guidance. Through supply chain engagement, business insights, and communications, the NCA has produced a strong network and is the leading association behind the $36 billion dollar candy industry. 

Without the NCA’s involvement within the candy realm, National Candy Month wouldn’t be possible and the recognition of workers and the economic impact of the industry would be under appreciated. Confectionery manufacturers employ nearly 55,000 people and support over 600,000 jobs in related industries like agriculture, retail, and transportation. Plus, many candy companies in the U.S. are family owned, just like Dr. John’s. 

Spoil Yourself 
Despite National Candy Month’s original purpose being to boost candy sales, culturally, this month has turned into a celebration of sweetness. We invite you to get involved in some “Random Acts of Sweetness” or indulge in your favorite chocolate goodies. However you choose to commemorate this month, know that Dr. John’s is here right along with you to celebrate in a healthy way. 

We know that juggling a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule can be difficult—that’s why Dr. John’s provides guilt-free indulgences all year round. Let us spoil you with our selection of sugar-free treats that will make you think you’re taking a cheat day. Because our sweets are made with all-natural ingredients that contain no artificial sweeteners, they are low in calories and tooth-friendly. 

Our plant-based sugar alternatives—erythritol and xylitol—actually inhibit the growth of bacteria that promote tooth decay. We also fortify our variety of products with fiber and other important nutrients like vitamins C and D, zinc, or probiotics in order to wrap up all the goodness we can into the candies that make your mouth happy and healthy.

Here at Dr. John’s, we’ve accomplished our mission in creating the healthiest candies in the world so that every month can be a candy celebration.

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