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Delectable Sugar Free Candy

Dr. John’s was founded in 1995, instantly becoming a hit with the dental community, and making advances again in 2002 with Dr. John’s Cavity Fighting Herbal Lollipops. Since then, we’ve formulated  a full line of sugar free candy and treats containing xylitol. We’re pleased to offer our customers a multitude of ways to enjoy sweets without sugar. Our selection now includes everything those with a sweet tooth could want – decadent chocolates, fruity lollipops, drink mixes, refreshing mints and hard candies – all while delivering exceptional taste and the positive oral health benefits of xylitol!

What started as a hit with the dental community is now the sugar free candy choice of parents, diabetics, and more! Many of the candies in our selection are Kosher, Gluten Free, and contain natural colors and flavors, giving you endless choices – and control over what you’re putting into your body. If you’re looking to cut back on sugar, don’t sacrifice – enjoy your favorite treats with Dr. John’s!

Everyday Xylitol Products

At Dr. John’s, we realize that candy isn’t the only source of excess sugar in the average diet. Our line of xylitol products has expanded beyond lollipops and candy to include many items that you can use every day! Our xylitol sweetener is 100% USA Made Birch Xylitol, which is featured in all of our products, except Herbal Lollipops; and makes the perfect substitute for sugar in many recipes, or in something as simple as your morning oatmeal and coffee. Speaking of coffee, we have xylitol coffee sweetener in rich flavors like French Vanilla and Hazelnut, too! We even offer a lollipop tree for xylitol lollipops!

No matter who you are, and what treats you enjoy – Dr. John’s offers a way to swap those sugary sweets for healthier treats that taste just as good as, or even better than, the original! Learn more about the Simply Xylitol Plan and how you can achieve maximum dental benefits, and browse our selection below to find your new favorite sugar free treat!

Simply Xylitol Peppermints
Dr. John's Partner in Prevention Referral Pad - 100 tear off sheets Globe Decanter (empty) Tooth Shaped Decanter (empty) Simply Xylitol Assorted Fruit Hard Candy
Simply Xylitol Assorted Fruit Lollipops Simply Xylitol Lollipops Simply Xylitol Sampler Simply Xylitol Blue Raspberry Lollipops
Simply Xylitol Butter Nut Toffee Caramels Simply Xylitol Caramel Apple Caramels Sugar Free Caramel Soft Candy | Dr. John's Caramel Lover's Mix Simply Xylitol Coconut DecaDENTS
Simply Xylitol Creamsicle Hard Candies Simply Xylitol Creamsicle Lollipops Simply Xylitol Dark Chocolate Raspberry DecaDENTSâ„¢ Simply Xylitol Dark Chocolate Bars with Almonds
Simply Xylitol Premium Dark Chocolate Bars Simply Xylitol French Vanilla Coffee Sweetener Simply Xylitol Fruit Punch Gum Simply Xylitol Hazelnut Coffee Sweetener
Simply Xylitol Hot Cinnamon Hard Candies Simply Xylitol Hot Cinnamon Lollipops Simply Xylitol Licorice Hard Candies Simply Xylitol Mint DecaDENTS
Simply Xylitol Natural Butterscotch Hard Candies Simply Xylitol Natural Cafe Caramel Hard Candies Simply Xylitol Natural Caramels Simply Xylitol Lollipops
Simply Xylitol Natural Cherry Lollipops Simply Xylitol Natural Fruit Medley Hard Candies Simply Xylitol Natural Fruit Medley Lollipops Simply Xylitol Natural Fruit Medley Tooth Shaped Lollipops
Simply Xylitol Natural Grape Lollipops Simply Xylitol Natural Mango Hard Candies SimplyXylitol Natural Fruit Hard Candies Simply Xylitol Natural Mixed Fruit Lollipops
Simply Xylitol Natural Pomegranate Lollipops Simply Xylitol Natural Sour Lemon Hard Candies Simply Xylitol Natural Strawberry Cheesecake Hard Candies Simply Xylitol Natural Taffy
Simply Xylitol Natural Variety Mix Simply Xylitol Nougat Swirls Simply Xylitol Patriotic Lollipops Simply Xylitol Peanut Butter DecaDENTS
Simply Xylitol Pecan Caramel DecaDENTS Simply Xylitol Peppermint Gum Simply Xylitol Peppermint Hard Candies Simply Xylitol Rainbow Fruit Lollipops
Simply Xylitol Rainbow Hard Candies Simply Xylitol Rainbow Tooth Lollipops Simply Xylitol Root Beer Hard Candies Simply Xylitol Sea Salt Caramel DecaDENTSâ„¢
USA Birch Xylitol Sweetener Simply Xylitol Tropical Mix Lollipops Simply Xylitol Watermelon Sours