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Swap Your Sweets for Healthier Treats! > Simply Xylitol ® Plan

Why Choose Simply Xylitol® Sweetener?

Dr. John’s was founded with a simple idea – allowing people to enjoy their favorite treats, while reducing sugar from their diet and delivering the oral health benefits of xylitol. Years of research has shown that gram specific doses of xylitol can help improve overall dental health by increasing saliva production and reducing harmful cavity causing bacteria in the mouth.

Cutting sugar from your diet can be difficult – nobody likes bland, tasteless treats with an artificial aftertaste. We’ve specifically designed our xylitol candy so that it can be enjoyed by everyone – our candy is safe for diabetics (under the advice of a physician), and most are gluten free, dairy free and kosher. Our products contain natural flavorings and colors. And each and every one is made with USA produced birch Simply Xylitol brand xylitol sweetener.

Getting Maximum Xylitol Benefits

At Dr. John’s, we’ve made it easy to introduce Simply Xylitol Sweetener into your diet, enabling you to cut sugar and reduce calorie intake. Our delicious line of sugar free treats ranges from silky caramel to mouthwatering lollipops to gourmet chocolates. We’ve also made it easy to get the maximum benefits from xylitol with our handy guide below.

Dr. John's Offers:

  • World's largest variety of naturally sweetened treats.
  • Clear recommendations of use.

To receive maximum oral health benefits from Dr. John's tasty treats made with Simply Xylitol Sweetener:

  • Enjoy 3 to 5 servings of any combination of Dr. John's treats daily, which provides the recommended Xylitol consumption of 6-10 grams per day.
  • Enjoy regularly as a long term plan.
  • Consume after meals, if possible.
  • Try to make each serving last 5 minutes.

Dr. John's Simply Xylitol Plan Easy Reference Chart

Item Grams of Xylitol per piece # of Pieces per serving Grams of Xylitol per Serving
Lollipops 1 2
Hard Candies
Caramels & Taffy
Peppermints, Watermelon Sours
Simply Xylitol Sweetener
1 Teaspoon
More info coming soon....

Simply Decadent 14g squares

Simply Decadent 20g squares