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How much Xylitol is recommended to achieve maximum oral health benefits?
  To receive significant oral health benefits, follow Dr. John's Simply Xylitol Plan®:

* Enjoy 3 to 5 servings of any combination of SimplyXylitol® treats daily, which provides the recommended Xylitol    
   consumption of 6-10 grams per day.

* Enjoy regularly as a long term plan.

* Consume after meals, if possible.

* Try to make each serving last 5 minutes or longer.

View Dr. John's Simply Xylitol Plan® Easy Reference Chart
What is Xylitol derived from?
  Xylitol can be derived from numerous plant sources. Dr. John’s offers 100% American Made Birch Xylitol, thus ensuring the highest quality product and the maximum benefits of xylitol to our consumers.
What is Xylitol?

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is used in place of conventional sugar. Unlike conventional sugar, it does not cause tooth decay, and xylitol’s glycemic index is low (7 – compared to a GI of 100 for table sugar), and is produced from natural sources – making it an ideal replacement for sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Who Can Use Xylitol?
  Xylitol can be used by everyone -- infants, children, adults and the elderly.  Xylitol looks and tastes as sweet as sugar, but has 40% fewer calories, 75% fewer carbohydrates, and a much lower glycemic index (7), which makes it safe and beneficial for diabetics (on the advice of their physician) and everyone concerned with achieving and maintaining an ideal body weight.

Our bodies normally produce 15 grams of xylitol per day.  Most people, including children, should be able to consume up to 40 grams of xylitol per day without GI upset.  However, for  individuals with a sensitivity to sugar alcohols, we suggest increasing xylitol intake slowly as the body adjusts.

Swapping out sugary sweets for Dr. John's sugar free xylitol treats is a great step toward better oral and overall health.
Xylitol Benefits
  Recent research shows xylitol is a natural enemy of bacteria. Normally, when certain harmful bacteria enter the body, they attach to tooth surfaces and membranes of the nose and throat and may cause infection and dental disease as they begin to culture and grow. But when exposed to xylitol, harmful bacteria eventually die or lose their ability to adhere to surfaces, and simply are "washed away."

Numerous clinical studies have shown that xylitol may provide significant oral health benefits by reducing plaque (harmful bacteria), increasing fluoride penetration of teeth and assisting in the remineralization of damaged tooth enamel.

Xylitol increases salivary flow, helping those with dry mouth; and emerging research shows that xylitol can help reduce ear infections in children.

Aside from dental benefits, xylitol provides a healthier alternative to sugar-based products with it’s low glycemic index and caloric impact – making it a good product for use by those sensitive to sugar, or anyone looking to reduce their overall sugar consumption.