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Swap Your Sweets for Healthier Treats! > What is Xylitol?

The Benefits of Xylitol

Xylitol is recommended by dentists, physicians and other health care providers as the preferred natural alternative to sugar. Approved for use in over 25 countries worldwide, and rated safe by the FDA and World Health Organization, Xylitol is becoming the sweetener of choice. You can learn more about how xylitol is made and recommended consumption guidelines in our FAQ Section

At Dr. John’s we offer many products that offer significant doses of xylitol. Our products help our customers remove sugar from their diets – always a positive for health – without the use of artificial sweeteners. Our extensive selection of products, including gluten free and kosher choices, means that we can deliver these benefits – and provide delicious treats – to those with dietary restriction concerns. Xylitol not only offers oral health benefits, but a means for diabetics, those with Celiac disease, and those limited by other dietary restrictions to still enjoy sweet treats!

The potential benefits of Xylitol include:

  • May reduce decay-causing plaque (bacteria) levels
  • Promotes healing of the initial start of an enamel cavity (remineralization)
  • Inhibits growth, adhesion and metabolism of major decay-causing bacteria (Strep mutans)
  • Increases salivary flow
  • Lessens transfer of decay-causing bacteria from mother to baby
  • Lessens the occurrence of inner ear infections
  • Helps prevent white line lesions and gingiviral inflammation during orthodontics

Preventing Decay - Xylitol Dental Benefits

Tooth decay is caused by certain bacteria rapidly consuming sugars that are placed in your mouth. These bacteria produce acid within a very short time after exposure to sugars. Repeated acid production eventually dissolves enough tooth structure to cause tooth decay, also known as a cavity. Exposed root surfaces of teeth, which are not covered by enamel, are less able to withstand repeated acid attacks and therefore decay more readily.

Most importantly, your risk to develop tooth decay will depend upon how often you place products containing sugar into your mouth. The higher the frequency of sugar consumption, especially if it occurs between meals, the greater the likelihood to develop tooth decay. It's that simple. Always look at the nutrition facts label to see if products you sip or snack on contain sugar.

Also, the amount and consistency of your saliva, your history of fluoride exposure and your ability to remove decay-causing bacteria from your mouth is important.

Basically, the less saliva you have, or the drier your mouth, the greater the likelihood to develop tooth decay. Many medications are known to cause dry mouth. Significant doses of xylitol, like in Dr. John's Candies promote an increase in salivary flow, which helps prevent tooth decay.

Consuming a safe amount of fluoride when teeth are forming, or topical use of fluoride products purchased at the store or prescribed by your dentist, will help your teeth become more resistant to the acids produced by decay causing bacteria.

Brushing, flossing, and rinsing are ways to remove bacteria. Daily removal of bacteria is extremely important in maintaining healthy gums and reducing the likelihood of tooth decay. Using Dr. John's Simply Xylitol® products helps to eliminate and "wash away" bad bacteria that may harm your teeth via increase saliva production, while Dr. John's Candies Herbal Lollipops specifically inhibit decay causing bacteria.

Finally, it is very important that you visit your dentist and dental hygienist at least one time per year for a professional evaluation regarding the health of your teeth and mouth. Your dental professional will be able to recommend techniques and products to keep your mouth healthy! The benefits of xylitol are not a replacement for a yearly check in with your dental professional.

Xylitol and Diabetics

Our main bulking agent is Polyglucitol, a blend of several sugar alcohols (a type of sugar substitute), derived from a purely natural source, corn.

Unlike sugar, the slow and incomplete absorption of Xylitol and Polyglucitol after consumption does not cause a significant rise in blood glucose and insulin response. Also, Xylitol and Polyglucitol have a reduced caloric value (75 percent or less than that of sugar). Products in which Xylitol and Polyglucitol replace sugar may, therefore, be of use providing a wider variety of reduced calorie and sugar free choices to people with diabetes (on the advice of their physician).

Dr. John’s Candies offers a wide variety of treats including lollipops, chocolates, hard candies, caramel and more which are appropriate for diabetics. Our Simply Xylitol sweetener provides a substitute for sugar, without artificial chemicals. We understand the frustrations that may come to those with diabetes, and aim to help them still enjoy their favorite treats by offering a superior sugar-free candy.

Benefits of Xylitol for Dry Mouth

Xerostomia, also known as dry mouth, is common and may be caused by Sjögrens Syndrome, mouthbreathing, or the use of medications. Dr. John’s offers treats that contain xylitol, as xylitol increases salivary flow.

At Dr. John’s Candies, we’re committed to not only bringing the benefits of xylitol to all people, but providing opportunities for our customers to enjoy their favorite treats without the harmful effects of sugar. Browse our selection today to find a sugarless version of your favorite treat.